Tired of the same old ‘team-building’ events?

Look no further than Outer Edge Escape Games!

Escape rooms have become the most sought-after team building event across the country.  Here is what makes us the perfect location for your company.  Whether you choose to establish pre-set roles or choose to use the ones we offer, your group will be put to the test to not only work together but do so under the pressure of a time crunch.

Want to even have a little more fun?  Why not book one of our rooms back to back and have your groups compete against each other for bragging rights!

Ready to Have a Stronger Team?

Having a team event is useless if you don’t measure the results of the event!

This is why after each group, we provide a complimentary ‘post-game questionnaire’ that allows you to evaluate how everyone did.

If you are ready to have your company experience something new, click the link below to view all open time slots or you can call us directly!